Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel

A must-see for visitors to Rome, the Vatican Museum. The seat of the most important works of art in history, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, the impressive Hall of Maps, the inner squares and the halls of sculptures. History of art, ancient Rome, Egypt and Catholic Christianity. We will begin the tour with a historical overview of the Vatican and the role of the Catholic Church in the history of Rome. We will expand on the most beautiful room in the world, the Sistine Chapel, the splendor of Michelangelo’s work, with the famous ceiling and the impressive painting of the Judgment Day. We will end the tour in the Basilica San Pietro or, (should the passage from the museum is not permitted) in the Vatican and the Popes treasure halls.

* Due to changes in the management of the museum, it is not always allowed to pass from the museum to San Pietro’s Basilica as it used to be. If it is possible on the spot, the tour will continue from the museum to the church, and if the passage is not possible, the tour will continue in the museum instead.

Cost and details

* The tour will last 3-4 hours (depending on conditions in the museum).
* Cost of tour – 320 Euro for up to 4 participants (35 Euro for each additional participant).
* Cost of tour does not include the cost of entry tickets to Vatican museum which we will purchase for you in advance –  22-39 Euro for adult ticket,  18-32 Euro for teens under 18 and over 6 years old.

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